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Angelique (7) by xy2kura Angelique (7) by xy2kura
HeartCommissioned piece with permission to upload into my gallery. Art ©FractumLunaeHeart  
Mint heart bullet/emoteThis outfit is one bought a few months back from $2 Oriental Outfit Adopt (closed). Outfit ©chaotiqueadoptsMint heart bullet/emote 

Battle & Non-Battle Theme: Tekken 3 Character Select - Arcade

Name: Angelique Arcene
Nickname: 'Arc' or Sera
Age: 28
Species: (Fallen) Archangel/Human
Height: 5'2 (157.5 cm)
Weight: 127 lbs (57.73 kgs)
Body Type: Slender
Hair: Black
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Skin: Pale Peach
Wings: Black
Wing Length: 12ft (365.76cm)  
Wing Width: 5ft (152.4cm)
Occupation: Wanderer
Favorite Weapons:
●Twin Swords 2ft Long In Length But The Blades Are Thin Yet Extremely Tough
●A 4ft Long Sword That Has An Angel With Wings As The Design Upon Its Hilt. It's Light As A Feather, Stronger Than Stone, & Very Deadly.
●Cryso Elgluth (Rose Whip) - A dark crimson, forest green mixture colored whip with thorns. Its strength starts out with a mild cut/stab of the skin but when it absorbs the blood of an opponent or the user, it gets stronger. The highest strength and sharpness its able to rise to is having enough power to cut through the thickest of trees. It also has a very high endurance, making it difficult to cut.

List of abilities:




Chanting Spells - Usually in poetic way (not often used)

Shape shifting - done magically (not often used)

Lightening-Ice Combo Attack - Usually shoots out from hands, lightning shaped but blue in color to signify ice.

Flaming & Burning Hell - A magical firey bow and arrow that forms only 'flaming' is along the lines of a 3rd degree burn while 'burning' is twice as strong. In order to use these properly, a magical body shield must be in place before hand in order to avoid self damage.

Black Lightning - As the name implies, this lightning is created and blasted out from the sky to strike down at a person(s). If it successfully hits, disorientation will occur along with the person seeing an evil illusion or illusions in which the person fears.

Star Sword Scream - Her thin, two foot bladed twin swords connected by their hilts twirl at super fast speed which summons and fires a powerful tsunami.

Star Sword Deadly Scream - Upgraded version of Star Sword Scream which summons a powerful black tsunami containing the deadliest of poisons.

Swords of Shining Light - Magical swords come down through the air to shine an immense bright light and burns the opponent in such a manner that steam comes off their body. This move doubles in power if Serafina takes the stage.

Hurricami Ice - Heavy chunks of ice that act like a hurricane and hits with as much force as a category 2 hurricane.

Death Gate - A black portal gate opens acting much like a black hole but aimed specifically at the target only. Once trapped inside it painfully beats the opponent until severely weakened or dies.

Crystal Reflection - A magical mirror appears releasing waves of light and sparkles that causes an opponent to be weakened. This could also be used to absorb attacks from within and fire them back at the opponent.

Lightning Fist - Blue glow & lightning surround the fist and has the capability of cutting through strong armors.

Kinshin - Dark/black chi power emits from hands that turns into an open palm 5 hit combo using the left hand, right hand, followed by both hands 3 times but in slightly different spots for effective hitting power. Usually aimed at an opponents chest or lower extremities of the body.

Background Story:

Born from the love of a fallen archangel father, Seastnan and human mother, Zytka to whom sadly lost their lives a short time after being born. The culprits were six demons who bared a grudge against her father for his abilities and felt he betrayed them. Yet in their twisted way of things, decided to let Angelique live and try to raise her to become a cold blooded, assassin, and 'demon' of sorts. However, despite all their attempts with using experimentation and torture for the first six years of her life, did not turn out the way they wanted. Perhaps due to the fact of having strong genes and more in tune with her intuition then most children her age would be. Another role that helped is one of the six demons decided to have a change of heart after all those years and helped Angelique to supposedly escape and live a life of her own. Her memories more or less became a blur after that point, locking away majority of the trauma done to her but keeping survival instincts in tact. After her apparent freedom, she did all that she could to live each day but it was a rather lonely life without a family to call her own, lacking the ability to trust people, and the tough times of a curse which caused her to lose all her powers and be completely human. There was no set times or the length of how long she lost her powers for, but eventually they did come back and the irregular pattern will be with her for the rest of her days. Now onto eight years passed from when she was six, new hardships emerged with the start of developing three other 'persona's. The first to share a body with Angelique started at age of fourteen, is a fearless, overwhelmingly beautiful, several hundred year old, vampiress named Ruby. The two of them are rather connected to one another and share an interesting bond. Two years or so afterward, putting her at the age of sixteen, a new persona came fourth named Serafina. She is a strong, pure angel of holy power. The connection is no where near like Ruby, nor is a dominant personality, but if she is ever truly needed with her powers to deal with those of pure evil hearts in battle, she is not afraid to surface. A year later, yet another persona came forward whom ended up being the strongest one as well as most dangerous is female demon named Demonica. Her heart can be compared to that of unbreakable ice. Love is just a weakness in her eyes and nothing would please her more then to get rid of most of this world's people. Her goal in life is to take over Angelique's body and soul to where she would cease to exist. Sometimes she has succeeded in coming out but never at full power due to the fact Ruby, Angelique, and sometimes Serafina help to keep her at bay. It is a very crowded body. To make matters worse is the fact Angelique is a volatile person, which means her moods can be quite unpredictable. If people end up careless around her, it could make her persona's unbalanced and said person(s) face their wrath. This especially applies to those of pure evil hearts whom think it's pleasurable to hurt or kill the innocent. While there is a partial upside to having these persona's, it can be rather exhausting mentally as well as physically. What she does not know however, is certain 'persona's' are actual souls that have been in her all along due to the horrid experimentation she went through as a child, but they did not officially surface till she went through various traumas growing up. Needless to say, due to her personality and those inhabiting her body, has put a major dent in the love life department as it has been the cause of ending most relationships. She's had closeness, but not deep enough. The men who fell in love with her stated they would be able to handle her and all her instability only to prove it was much too difficult for them. Yet despite the broken heart time and time again, she has not held a grudge against them for it and continues to keep moving forward in life. Though due to so much heartache, it has taken it's toll and finds herself not wishing to be in a relationship currently but tries not to be completely closed off to the idea either. Her current mindset right now is deciding to get revenge on the demons her stole her life away from her as well as hints of information and visions of what their plan was with her.

Additional Information:
I'd also like to take the time to note something about this character. Whenever a 'persona' of hers takes the stage, their scent is what remains. For example, if Ruby takes the stage, only the scent of a pure blooded vampire remains thus completely masking Arc's presence unless there is a potential instability or it is 'agreed' to let the mixed presences be known. This also works vice versa since Angelique is the main body, she keeps the other 'personas' hidden. There might be a sense something is different about her, but ultimately unless its willingly made known or unwillingly due to an instability moment, these are the only times they can be potentially sensed out. Also, Angelique is not one to talk about her 'personas' openly unless she's comfortable around someone or truly has no choice in the matter but to tell.
Icelandpricess Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice!
chaotiqueadopts Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
She is so beautiful love it! <3 Interesting story too!
xy2kura Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
((Thank you! Once you see something and envision it for your character strongly, you just got to roll with it.

It's a long, tragic story but glad it could be interesting. ^^))
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